Hey Everyone!

Hey, it’s Tulsi, writing over the summer. I really miss JAMS and my friends! Weirdly enough, I got sick! First it started out as a bad cough, and then, a day later, I got a fever! I had this fever for two days, until July 4th. Everything’s better now, but my cough is still there, with a stuffy nose.

On July 4th, we didn’t have a huge BBQ, we just had a small grilling inside. My cousin came over and we did a bunch of fireworks! It was incredibly fun.

Then, on my birthday, July 5th,  my cousin came over again and we hung out all day. My friend, Estephany, meant to come over, but I guess she didn’t get my text, and she didn’t get to come over. We made a cake, and now, it’s finished. Well, I’m finally 12!!

How’s your summer? Mine is incredibly boring because I’m sick, and my only means on entertainment is television and my computer.

This Must Be It…

Well, it’s the end of the school year, and I’m so sad. We get out of school on June 24, so that means four days of school left! I’m so sad. I loved sixth grade so much. I’d say this was the best school year ever! It was full of laughter, happiness, sadness — everything. Miss Nichols made this school year so lively, and I got to know my classmates pretty well. I’ve gotten very self-confident this year and I’ve had the time of my life. I never wanted this year to end. I’ve gotta say, this is the life.

For the summer, I’m not doing MUCH. Maybe a few art classes, or hanging out with my cousins, or going to the library, but those are just regualr things.

Get ready for things to heat up!

Computer Checks?

860181962_7aa9182419Do parents know what their children are doing online? Usually not! They could be on social networking sites such was FaceBook or MySpace and not know anything about it! 57% of all FaceBook users check or update their status before they go to bed or after they wake up. Now, that’s a WHOLE lot of people, as  you should know. I personally think parents should do a computer check on what their children are doing online.

Computer checks keep children safe from being kidnapped or murdered. There have been stories of kids from FaceBook being kidnapped or missing all the time. Most cases are of people who are twelve to fifteen years of age. That’s all because they reveal their location and exactly what they’re doing, and where. This is really unsafe to me, and these kids probably never thought about the safety hazards.

Computer checks help avoid kids at being exposed to bad and inappropriate things. Imagine a child looking at something that’s rated “R” or higher! The Internet’s not always reliable, and in this case, it’s not. I’d like to meet at least ONE parent who thinks it’s okay to be inappropriately exposed to something online. It’s just not right!

Computer checks save time on computers that many kids waste. If parents ban their children from being on certain sites, they might be more responsible about what they do and will maybe pass this on to their children, and so on. Soon, everyone would learn to be computer-safe and would learn to know better than this. Blogger, Flickr, Orkut, YouTube, WordPress, FaceBook, and Twitter have been banned all over the world, according to Social Media Trader’s entry, “Social Media Websites Banned Worldwide.” Parents would know their children are safe and the kids would learn responsibility on knowing what sites not to be on.

So, all in all, I think parents should do a computer check on their children, just to make sure they’re safe online. I think everyone would benefit from this because children won’t be kidnapped, exposed to bad things, and learn responsibility. Parents, go check your children’s computers right now to make sure they’re being safe

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Bengal Bowl!

So, this cool thing called Bengal Bowl is coming up. All of our school is in teams, and we’re team Princeton. We’re gonna go against team Yale and Harvard. There are ten relays, five dry, and five wet. We compete and get points for everything. Last year we lost to Harvard by one point. This year, we’re in it to win it.

After lunch, we get about three whole hours to play on these HUGE and fun inflatables. Everyone says this is the best day of the year; I hope it is!

I got the idea to write this post from my best friend, Crystal.

Here’s My Audit!

Here we are. The last Challenge of March 2010. I loved the challenges, they were so much fun, and I wish they could go on for a longer time. I’m so glad that Miss Nichols let us do these challenges in the midst of all this schoolwork. It both does and doesn’t surprise me how we were the first people in the Lawndale to have blogs. Here are my responses to the questions we were asked.

* How many posts did you write? 10

* How many were school based or your own interests? 9

* How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? 18

* Which post received the most comments? The Techno Future Is Mine! Why do you think that happened? Miss Nichols made an assignment for three people to comment on each post, and then there was an extra comment from Miss Nichols

* Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? Lawndale, My Home, because it was about my city, where I grew up and loved.

* Did you change blog themes at all and why? No, I absolutely LOVE my theme. That’s why I chose it!

* How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? 7. This is good enough, because I just have links and a Shelfari.

Now ask another student and teacher/parent from your school who might not have read your blog to do an audit. Sit beside them while they navigate around your blog, record what you observe as they interact with your blog. When finished, ask them the following questions:

Here are Mimi’s thoughts on my blog.

* What were your first impressions of this blog? “I liked your blog. Ooh, colorful!”

* What captured your attention? The pictures

* What distracted you on the blog? The pictures!

* What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? “I really don’t have any suggestions; pretty good.”

It’s your turn! What do you think about my blog? Do you mind responding to the last four questions here that have the answers in pink?

And my In-Class Nomination Is…

We’ve come to this. The nominations. Now, I nominate…

Crystal for the class blog nominations! I love all of her posts so much. Some are funny, some I connect to, and some I just really love. Crystal deserves the award for all of her hard work in writing the posts. She is a great writer and friend. You should go to her blog because her posts are detailed and fun to read. Go see Crystal’s blog right now and maybe even comment? Please?

This post was for the nominations for the end of the Student Blogging Challenge.

My Class Blog Nomination is…

I’ve just nominated two students, so now it’s time to nominate a class blog. So, the class blog I nominate is…

MISS NICHOLS!! Haha, no, just kidding, but you should check it out anyways!

I really nominate the class blog Huzzah! for their great posts. Their posts are creative and they keep updated on all the different school activities. I can tell some posts were made just for the fun of it, and that’s what I like. I love reading their posts because I usually get smile when I do. I can tell they work hard on their posts for school. The class looks like so much fun and I will not get bored of their posts. Go check them out and leave a comment!

This post was for the nominations for the Student Blogging Challenge.

My Out-of-Class Nomination is…

I nominate Melissa’s blog for the awards because her posts are always great to read. They’re so creative and really cool. I check up on her bog at least once a week to check for new posts; that’s how great her posts are. Her posts are sometimes funny and she has a few fun widgets. I don’t go widget hunting though. I mostly look at her posts, which are entertaining. She’s a lot like me too. That’s what caught my attention. You shouldn’t just take my word for it though. You should go see her blog yourself! Here’s the link.

This post was for the nominations for the end of the Student Blogging Challenge.