Lawndale, My Home

I love Lawndale, mostly because it’s my home, and it’s the center of everything! By everything, I mean we have restaurants, stores, malls; EVERYTHING! Let’s not forget that it’s about thirty minutes away form Downtown LA. Pardon me if I’m bragging, but this is Lawndale. The Lawndale Library is the best library I’ve been to. It’s huge, and when I say huge, I mean colossal. This library has the friendliest librarians, and I’m not kidding when I say they have at LEAST a million books there. There’s a lot more to this place, but I’ll leave it to you to¬†research¬†(ha-ha). So, this was my home, Lawndale!

Our challenge this week was to write about where we were from. This is Week #3 of the Student Blogging Challenge

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3 thoughts on “Lawndale, My Home

  1. Hi my name is Annie. Your town sounds really cool. There isn’t much to my town, but the people are friendly and there are a few fun shops. Instead of writing about my town, I decied I would write about my house, Well the yard anyway. I live in Indiana, so nothing big or exiciting happens. It’s mostly just farms and 4-H, which is just fine with me. We don’t have the hustle and bustle of a big city, but it’s peaceful and quiet. Get on my blog sometime! Feel free to comment. Here is the address–

  2. Hi Tulsi
    WoW I would love to be close to LA and Disneyland! I have been to both but it a 14 hour flight from my home town of Sydney Australia!
    Lawndale – it sounds like you love the place, and that’s great! I’m glad that you are proud of where yo are from.
    The Library sounds like an amazing place :-)



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