Facebook/Twitter Obsession?


Some people are SO obsessed with Twitter or Facebook, in my opinion. I don’t get what so great; it’s just another way to talk to your friends and communicate with celebrities. I mean, almost half of the users on Facebook or Twitter check their status or update before or after they go to bed. It’s not incredibly typical to my friends. Most people don’t check their Twitter or Facebook in my class. Some of us don’t even have a Twitter or Facebook!

This week’s Challenge was to talk about how Facebook or Twitter has affected teens and what’s popular online.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook/Twitter Obsession?

  1. Tulsi, I agree with you that Twitter and Facebook don’t seem that practical as means of genuine communication. For that, I prefer a blog. There, you really get to speak your mind and people who want to respond can do so with comments. Like this! :)

    (Actually, none of the students in our class should be on Facebook–you have to be 13 or older. Twitter doesn’t say.)

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  3. Hi Tulsi!
    Nice blog!
    I agree, many people are obsessed with Facebook and Twitter. So many kids in my grade have Facebooks and Twitters and are on them constantly. I do have a Facebook (which my mom only let me have around my 13th birthday last year) but I try to moderate the time I am on. I don’t have a Twitter because it doesn’t seem to have much purpose, all you are really doing is telling people what you are currently doing. Facebook though does have some useful things about it. It is a way to connect with friends or family members who don’t live close to you: you can chat, share photos, and see what is happening in their lives. Also Facebook makes it easy to contact fellow students that you might not have phone numbers or email addresses for, it makes contacting easier. Facebook also increased homework participation a little bit in my class. My social studies teacher made a Facebook page where we have the option to type out our homework and post it on the Facebook page, or we could just do it with pencil and paper. Having an option to do homework sometimes on Facebook increased general participation, more students would do the homework if it were online. Although Facebook can zap time and be addicting it does have some useful purposes.

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